Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Forgotten Flood - at Whitewater Lake in South-West Manitoba

Tuesday afternoon I was with Doug Robertson, Councillor in the Rural Municipality of Morton at Whitewater Lake.  The lake, usually about 20 kilometers in length, is now about 30 kilometers as it has flooded a large area of farmland.  As Doug said we have here at Whitewater Lake "the forgotten flood."

About this flood being forgotten by the NDP, he is correct.  On the provincial government web site, where the water levels of lakes around the province are reported, there are many lakes listed, but Whitewater Lake is not listed.  From the point of view of the NDP, Whitewater Lake clearly does not count and does not event warrant a reporting of its lake level publicly.  This is, or course, terrible behaviour by the NDP, and absolutely unconscionable.  The water level needs to be reported publicly as an important step in building awareness of the situation and in working with people in South-West Manitoba to look at what can be done.

The photos above show the devastation that has occurred.  Fields which have been cultivated almost every year in the last forty years, are now covered in water and growing cattails.  

The answer for Whitewater Lake is not simple. It needs the provincial government to show some leadership in working with the whole South-West region of Manitoba.  I will have more on this when I report the results of a Forum we held in Hartney on Tuesday evening.  Keep a look out for that post.