Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Manitoba Liberal Party Debt is Nearly Elminated

The Manitoba Liberal Party Election Debt Is Very Nearly Eliminated!

We have eliminated over $105,000 of debt and we have only $20,000 to go!
We have made a lot of progress.   We want to share with you the progress made and how Liberal principles of planning and accountability were applied to this objective.
First  - everyone should know that we are working hard to build for a bright future;
secondly, to ask for your support to help us get there sooner.

Manitoba Liberals Always Had A Back Up Plan

The results of the last election were discouraging, and I would not even try to spin it otherwise.

Yes, Dr. Jon Gerrard's decisive win in River Heights shows voters there value a voice that is fair and balanced, but the party's provincial results were disappointing - especially since we did not achieve 10%.

It meant we were not eligible for a rebate of our $300,000 central campaign, and at the end of the election there was a $125,000 line of credit. 

But we always had a back-up plan, because when things don't go as well as you like, you should always plan for contingencies.

Reduce Expenses, Raise Money, Maintain Services, Stay Under Budget!

What did we do?

- We created a smart budget, and we stayed UNDER budget. We reduced our administrative expenses by up to 20%
 -We worked with our constituency campaigns on their election returns to ensure they were eligible for their allowable rebates and worked with official agents.

-We had another successful year end fundraising campaign, and held different events to build party awareness.
-We worked  more closely with volunteers - and thank you to all who have been such excellent support.

Planning For the Next Leader

Dr. Jon Gerrard has officially announced his intent to step down when the new leader is chosen.   We are moving towards a leadership convention in October 2013.

Leadership Convention - October 2013
and the steps to find candidates
The leadership convention will occur in October 2013, the exact day and location to be recommended by the Leadership Convention Committee, to be formed over the summer. They will develop the rules and procedures and the official start will be announced by the board of directors in the months to come.

Our ability to attract a new leader will depend on being debt free- for what new leader wants to inherit a party in debt? However, with only $20,000 to go, I am confident that we can eliminate that debt this year.

This is why we are beginning a summer fundraising campaign to eliminate the debt as soon as possible. Can you make an online donation as part of our summer fundraising appeal? 

Will you make an online donation today
to help eliminate our debt?
We need 2000 people to donate $10.

If we can get 2000 people to make a $10 donation, we will have eliminated our debt - that is what we are working towards. And it is so easy to make a donation on-line to start today.

A $10 donation - your real cost is only $2.50- because we will send you a tax receipt at year end to reduce your income tax by $7.50.

A $20 donation - your real cost can be only $5 - because we will send you a tax receipt at year end to reduce your income tax by $7.50.

And even better - if you do not have your membership, we will apply $10 towards a paid membership - at the same tax savings. After all, only members will be able to vote for the new leader - and at some point, you will want to do that.

Win a special dinner with Jon and Naomi
To provide extra incentive we will put all the names of those who donate $5 or more online into a draw to win a special dinner for two with Jon and Naomi Gerrard to be scheduled at your convenience. You may use it or gift it to someone special!

Hit the DONATE tab after you click on our link - .

Please donate $ 5 or $10 towards eliminating our debt or

$15 or more if you do not have a membership and we will sign you up for a membership and apply your contribution towards our debt.

You may also make your annual year end donation sooner than later, and if you do, we will send your tax receipt as we always do - and focus on other donors later this year.


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